Back to Reading

Around 3 months ago I decided that I want to go back to reading more šŸ“š - I had been listening to audiobooks for the past years. Not on paper because it is inconvenient to carry around, with this prerequisite the obvious solution is to get a Kindle. I tried and I did not like it, the screen is great but I couldn’t pass its slowness it bothered me to use it. Everything is slow, taps take a while to be recognized, browsing the store is just awful. Reading with the backlight off while outside is great though, not enough to convince me that it was the answer I was looking for.

So instead of adding yet another new thing to carry with me I decided to try and read on my iPhone, the convenience of having the books in my pocket made me read more than I’ve ever had in a long long time. I’m now on the 4th book of Asimov’s I, Robot and Iā€™m looking forward to start Foundation.

iPhone XS screen is great to read, True Tone makes the color be really paper white, I’m not sure if OLED has anything to do with but I can read when it is bright outside just fine. The Kindle backlight tints everything in blue all the time.

Last but not least, the new Apple Books is really good. I love browsing the store and its recommendations.

Felipe Cypriano @fcy